About Me

My name is Mary Jo Clark and my husband is Dan Clark. We got married in 2005 and live in Glennville, Georgia. I hail from Michigan and Dan grew up in Chappell, Nebraska. My occupation was in the printing industry for 27 years and in the medical field for the last 12 years. I currently devote my time to breeding healthy, happy Decker Line Rat Terriers. Dan was a fourth generation farmer on the family farm in Nebraska, went into business as a radio station tower painter, was a welder for a company in Michigan for 5 years and is currently retired.

When Dan and I began our life together, Dan was still painting towers and we decided that a companion would be a nice addition to accompany him on his month-long painting tours. Our first dog was R.B. who chose us to be his people at the local shelter. When R.B. arrived home, he was very ill with severe kennel cough and ringworm. Along with this, he was very malnourished. The first 2 days were touch and go, but R.B. recovered amazingly quickly and soon began to gain weight and energy galore. We found ourselves scratching our heads as to what exactly we had here as the shelter thought R.B. was a Rat Terrier mix, but he had grown to be about 25 pounds. Well, he looked like a Rat Terrier and seemed to act like a Rat Terrier, but he was so BIG and he rarely barked.

After much research, we discovered the Decker Line Rat Terrier and were satisfied that our boy was just that and not crossed with another breed. With this knowledge, we were content to just find out all we could about the Decker Line Rat Terriers and still planned to raise R.B. as Dan’s companion on his road trips. The time came for Dan to leave and we were faced with the fact that R.B. was afraid of cars. This put a little different spin on our plans, but R.B. was here to stay and we decided to get a companion for R.B. We found a Rat Terrier breeder close by who was getting out of breeding and had one 9-month-old female left….thus we brought Vala home. We soon discovered that Vala was much different as far as her behavior than R.B. with the most noticeable change being that she was a constant yapper. These differences brought us back to our research.

Here we are today with a licensed kennel of 16 dogs. We have fallen in love with the Decker Line Rat Terriers and are very pleased to be a part of the continuation of this truly amazing dog. We still have R.B. who will live his life with us as well as our extended family of Decker Line Rat Terriers.

Welcome to Clan Clark Decker Line Rat Terriers! We hope you enjoy your visit. Please feel free to contact us at any time via email at maryjo_meyer2002@yahoo.com or via phone at 912-654-4214